Monday, July 28, 2008


Balloons, balloons, balloons and balloons
I want balloons
That's what I really need

Though I can't have any
Because one balloon said if I bought
one, all the balloons would come
into my room and fly me away

I don't want that
I like where I am living
but It feels like house needs balloons
to lively it up

So lets get balloons house
Make you seem like you're living.
Bye bye house
hope you're living

don't be chasing me
the balloons
will take care of me

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nonchalantly obsolete

I'm not needed.
I'm indifferent with that . . . .
why should I care anyways?

I think I'll scrutinize others
like how they do with me
now that I'm free from the gas station
now that I'm free-form

I think I'll be out of the hospital,
finaly I'm not needed.
Now I can do what I want . . . . . .
in my medical bed.

Where's the nurse with the pain killer?
I need that.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eerie Corridor connecting with past memories (part three of tpmbh)

The further hoppy hopped down the corridor with the figure still filming him, the more he reflected on his past corridor walking. He remembered hopping down his corridor for the first time in the first house he owned and being really euphoric. He couldn't quite remember why he was happy at the time until he came across a door he recalled. Hoppy opened the door very s . . . . . l . . . . . o . . . . .w . . . . . l . . . . . .y. When the door was a jar enough for himself to enter, he did. The room was very dark with very little of that desolate aesthetic, even though there was dust all over the place. In the dark he made out a desk like figure , so he hoppeyed on over.
When he reached the desk, he felt something fall into his back shirt pocket. He turned around to see the figure holding the camera with a flashlight attached on the top of it. Hoppy just shrugged and reached for whatever was in his back shirt pocket. It turned out to be a flashlight, so he turned it on and inspected the desk. He noticed lettering in the dust, but he couldn't make it out. Hoppy put on his reading glasses, and put his nose to dust. When he finished reading what the dust read he fainted. The flashlight the unknown figure gave hoppy

The figure with the camera walked over to the desk and zoomed in on the dust with the lettering. This is what it said:

Saturday, July 5, 2008

"The dark room" also tentatively titled "The psychotic Mr. Bunny hoppit Part 2"

The next day, Mr. hoppy woke up to a room with no lights or flashlights, just some light coming from outside through a window with some heavy-duty sheets in front of it. He remembered being hit on the back of the head sometime yesterday, so he put his hands on the back of his head. When his hands reached his eye's he saw dark red. He immediately thought it was blood, but his bunny sense of touch said it was more like gelatin or ketchup. It turned out it was actually all three of those things, but the majority of it was ketchup. Hoppy started to think he was cast for a black and white horror film.

Hoppy forgot about the head thing, (most likely because the person who hit him caused some serious short-term memory problems) and was starting to look around the room. He first went over to open the 'heavy duty' cloths covering the windows. He then after the room was well illuminated, went to check the coffee table that he had been propped up against when he first awoke. When he reached the coffee table, he found some Beatrix Potter books that seem to have never been open before, and a cup of old tea that was starting to grow mold on top. He then moseyed his merry on way over to the couch to find nothing, except for some rabbit hair. Finally he turns around completely to find a figure holding a camera they used in the old days. The figure quickly runs out the door ditching hoppy.

What Mr. hoppy looks like on an average hoppy day

Mr. hoppy wondered who that person was, while also wondering if he was right when he thought he was part of an old horror film. Mr. hoppy opened the door leading out the room to find a corridor with no light's on, and a very desolate aesthetic. The closer hoppy got to the end of the corridor, the more he saw of a complete picture of the same figure with the camera. When he was only 25 feet away, the figure turned on the lights to a flickering dim, and seemed to zoom in on hoppy with his camera. When hoppy got almost to 'make out their face' distance the figure booked it. Hoppy wasn't sure what quite to do, but he decided to keep following this weirdo, because he thought he might be able to get some pancakes from em'.

End of part 2

Part 3 coming sometime soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The psychotic Mr. Bunny hoppit Part 1

First I'll start out telling you about Mr. bunny hoppit's hobbies, idiosyncrasies, some characteristics, and even some personal favorites of his.


Watching horror movies.

Watching people from his window.

Collecting pocket bunny monster cards.

Eating food, mostly meat from a rabbit.

To not listen to music.

Looking at the cover of books.


I've already mentioned a few, like looking at covers of books but to not actually read the book, to eat mostly meat from his own species, and to just sit down for hours watching other rabbits pass his house from his window.

Mr. Bunny hoppit at a young age of 14

There's more though, like when someone rings the rabbit caller (doorbell) he opens it but then closes it even before his eyes see the open world or the rabbit , or like whenever someone breaks into his house he invites them to come into his kitchen for a cup of tea and wants to have a personal conversation with the thief, he also really tries to make his house have a very desolate aesthetic outside and inside.

Characteristics (how he looks):

Since I've never really got a good look at em', I don't know really know what's where on his body, so you'll just have to go by the pictures the writer's put in.

Oh I almost forgot! He never looks the same more than twice.

Personal favorites:

Movies: Every texas chainsaw massacre, The titanic, poltergeist 1+2 , The velvateen rabbit.

Mr. bunny hoppit's favorite movie

Books: Any book with a bunny on the cover.

Art: Beatrix potter.

Conclusion of the introduction:

Mr. bunny Hoppit as a fetus

Well I hop *glass breaking* what the hell was that? Mr. hoppy grabs a golden carrot and gradually goes down the steps. When he reaches the end, he yells "who's there?" Then he feels something very hard strike the back of the head knocking him unconscious. This was the last anybody saw of Mr. hoppy until the end of this story.

Part 2 coming soon!

artistic minus the tistic

For the past week or so, I've been wanting to start a drawing or finish a painting I've been working too long on, but I just can't get myself to do so for some reason, and it's driving me crazy. I even have ideas for drawings and ideas for my painting, but I don't do it, instead I just go and watch a movie, play a game, go to sleep, or get on the computer.

Maybe I have a zeal for doing the exact opposite of what I want to do, maybe my brain just needs to take a break from my personal art world, maybe I'm just crazy, maybe my subconscious likes to torture me, maybe even I like to torture myself, maybe I'm going on my first rant in a while.

I think the only thing that could be true in my "maybe" rant, is the maybe that says "maybe my brain just needs to take a break from my personal art world," and that's probably true because it's happened before.

So why am I going so crazy over this? I think because I just wanted something semi-interesting to write about.

Well hopefully I've made this piece of shit interesting.

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