Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Very, very, tiny yoshitomo nara day

Yoshitomo Nara was one of the reasons for me to start drawing again after my three year hiatus of not drawing anything, except for once in a while when I was bored in class but I'm not going to count those because they were really only for me to do like a joke or something (though there is a really classic drawing I did, and I'll probably upload it to my blog sometime soon) .

So this very miniature tribute to Nara is just to thank him for inspiring me with his amazing artwork to start drawing again .

To show my thanks to him, I'm posting five random pics of nara greatness.

Girl pouch

Princess of snooze

(Guessing) DAMM IT ALL

Guitar girl

Andromeda galaxy heights

(Note: This picture is a collaboration with Hiroshi sugito)

Also I want to thank:



and others.

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