Friday, October 24, 2008

Little excerpt of the upcoming spoon day

4 - Kill the Moonlight

Kill the moonlight was originally released on august 20, 2002, and of course the album was critically acclaimed. The album has an 88 on metacritic, the highest rated spoon album. The song “jonathon fisk” is based on a middle school bully who was Britt Daniel's classmate. Fisk, is now, supposivly a fan of the band, and he “came to all the spoon shows for about two or three years”. According to wikipedia, the title comes from a slogan in Filippo Tommaso Marintti's 'futurist Manifesto'. . . . This is such a great album.

Track listing -

  1. Small Stakes" – 3:00

  2. "The Way We Get By" – 2:38

  3. "Something to Look Forward To" – 2:17

  4. "Stay Don't Go" – 3:35

  5. "Jonathon Fisk" – 3:15

  6. "Paper Tiger" – 3:07

  7. "Someone Something" – 2:48

  8. "Don't Let It Get You Down" – 3:29

  9. "All the Pretty Girls Go to the City" – 3:12

  10. "You Gotta Feel It" – 1:29

  11. "Back to the Life" – 2:21

  12. "Vittorio E." – 3:39

Favorite tracks: jonathon fisk, paper tiger, someone something, the way we get by

Jonathon fisk video

Jonathon fisk lyrics

Maybe You Remember Maybe You're Locked Away
Maybe We'll Meet Again Some Better Day Some Better Life

Mmmm Jonathon Fisk Speaks With His Fists
Can't Let Me Walk Home On My Own
And Just Like A Knife Down On My Life
So Many Ways To Set Me Right

It's Such A Long Way Home
It's How The Story Goes
And It's Like Atom Bombs And Blunt Razors
Atom Bombs And Blunt Razors

Jonathon Then Says It's A Sin
But He Don't Think Twice Cause To Him
Religion Don't Mean A Thing
It's Just Another Way To Be Right Wing
Just Like A Knife Down On My Life
So Many Ways To Set It Right
That's How It Goes That's How The Story Goes

It's Such A Long Way Home
You're Too Old To Understand
Cause I Just Want To Get Home Now
I Just Want To Get Home Now

Jonathon's Right Down On My Life
So Many Ways To Set Me Right
On The Long Walk Home
That's How The Story Goes
And Jonathon Fisk Always A Risk
Tells Me He Counts My Teeth Every Night
I Want To Get Them All Back Now
I Want To Get Them All Back
And I Want To Turn Him Around

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random little Animal Collective post

For Reverend Green : live


Leaf house fan vid


Avey and Panda on acoustic only


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reciprocated pneuma

I lost what was left of
my psuedo spirit today
when I died in the

Running to the twilight of light
counting to an ambiguous
amount of time

The trees started to become
illuminated and
light started to drip through
the leaves onto my skin

It was 6 a.m.
I kept on running
I heard cartoon voices coming

From the ether
"... we're crazy to the max..."
" ... pop eye the sailor...''
" ... go slipping through the cracks..."

I got tired of running
so I rented a little room
and slept for a couple of hours

I left without paying
the quaint motel's

I could care
what she tought of me
why did she judge

I ran back home
looked in the mirror
and I regained my spirit

I left my money at the motel

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kissing Strawberry Field

Kissing kittens in
Strawberry Fields

Had owned a town house
in Tangerine Dusk

The previous owner of the

'Fox in a Hen House'
Had written his name all over the town

The kissed cats
hated his take on the name

It made them/him
feel claustrophopic

And wanting to eat all of those hens
from next store

They kissed strawberries
to make it a better place

They moved the
next month

To a town house
in strawberry fields

Which the town
is as secluded

As kids kissing
in the dark

Who have never
seen their bodies

In the moist mirror of
strawberry fields

Kissing Kittens loved
this lonely

Strawberry fields
is the perfect fit

Though the town house itself
was as bland as the moon on the new moon

But the cats kissed didn't

Turned out it had also been

By the
'Dog of the Hen House'

Who had left his viscid
paint prints

The kissing cats
died kissing strawberries

In their strawberry
town house


The dog and fox came out of
their cover

And buried the cats

Sunday, October 5, 2008


My killer deaths
get me everytime
when they coil around
my sub-conscious

And make me do
killer things
like traveling in
the algae filled
blood of my

In a tiny canoe
with little paddles
to row with
my stubby little arms

At parts the blood gets pretty
out there, like I almost fall out
but that's what's so killer
about it

My heart eats me
but it spits
out the sespool that is
my now tiny body

Makes me a loving
heart eaten person

I fall into my lungs
we get along well
he likes to talk a lot
I do too

He says his doctor said
he only has about two more year
life expectancy if he keeps smoking like he

I told him
thats what my doc said

He said he had to get back to work
I asked if he could blow me
somewhere else in my

He really did take a deep breath
I flew all the way up to my brain

Not as nice as a thing/guy
as I had hoped
he told me I was really stupid
and wouldn't stop hitting me with his

I noticed my canoe over in the corner
of my skull
I say farewell to my brain
He's still putting me down

I paddle over to the eustachian tube
which is a bit hard since it's all uphill
though I make it
see the cochlea

And those three little bones
that connect to it

Have to break through my ear drum
now I think I'm deaf in my left ear

My killer deaths

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Gliding through
the hanging gardens

Looking for that
fabled snake

That I heard about
from my dreams

Supposed to be ten
feet long

And have the
colors of the rainbow

on all of his scales

My dreams also said
he had wings

That snake is too

I want wings
and have my skin

Be the color of
the rainbow

You got to admire
that snake

He's got some
awesome traits

To bad I'm gonna
kill him

And take his wings and
his scales

But I'll hire a taxidermist
to stuff him

To honor his
life and his traits

That I took
from his body

Can't seem to find
him though

With all these
slithering creatures