Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Highway Txt (since 5th year)

Come on
Send In
My mind Is
Losing Sleep

I'm on my back
On the freezing
Concrete outside
Looking at the stars

I try to do sit-ups
and some push-ups
But it's too cold
And I'm trying to wait
For you

I lay my
Back against
A wicker chair

The wicker chair is
So uncomfortable
I feel I'm
Catching something

I keep freaking
Out leaves keep

Is someone else

I hear a car in my pocket
'1 new txt message'

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ripping Dots Apart

Why won't you appear
I'm lying on my floor
with blood on my face

I need you right now
you can save me
I'm going insane

I really can't tell if
I want this
or I'm desperate

Do I want you
Is this real
I've never dreamt like this

Blood is dripping from
my face

Dots are ripping my face apart
Stripes are cutting my knees
Circles are punching me
Squares are stabbing me

Music plays in
the background
but you weren't
apart of it

Why does poe's death
seem more interesting than
his writing

Why does his writing seem more
interesting than
your death

Why aren't you here
with me like you used to
be before I killed you

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Walking the fennec fox down
my psyche
Being followed by
a predatory himalayan cat
eating some fish and drinking some beer
The fox dies

I fall on my knees
Pretty hard
Bats fly out from the gash
Scars start to beget instantly

They seem to form some sort of
language I seem to remember
from song lyrics

But visual words
not written

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween day










Friday, October 24, 2008

Little excerpt of the upcoming spoon day

4 - Kill the Moonlight

Kill the moonlight was originally released on august 20, 2002, and of course the album was critically acclaimed. The album has an 88 on metacritic, the highest rated spoon album. The song “jonathon fisk” is based on a middle school bully who was Britt Daniel's classmate. Fisk, is now, supposivly a fan of the band, and he “came to all the spoon shows for about two or three years”. According to wikipedia, the title comes from a slogan in Filippo Tommaso Marintti's 'futurist Manifesto'. . . . This is such a great album.

Track listing -

  1. Small Stakes" – 3:00

  2. "The Way We Get By" – 2:38

  3. "Something to Look Forward To" – 2:17

  4. "Stay Don't Go" – 3:35

  5. "Jonathon Fisk" – 3:15

  6. "Paper Tiger" – 3:07

  7. "Someone Something" – 2:48

  8. "Don't Let It Get You Down" – 3:29

  9. "All the Pretty Girls Go to the City" – 3:12

  10. "You Gotta Feel It" – 1:29

  11. "Back to the Life" – 2:21

  12. "Vittorio E." – 3:39

Favorite tracks: jonathon fisk, paper tiger, someone something, the way we get by

Jonathon fisk video

Jonathon fisk lyrics

Maybe You Remember Maybe You're Locked Away
Maybe We'll Meet Again Some Better Day Some Better Life

Mmmm Jonathon Fisk Speaks With His Fists
Can't Let Me Walk Home On My Own
And Just Like A Knife Down On My Life
So Many Ways To Set Me Right

It's Such A Long Way Home
It's How The Story Goes
And It's Like Atom Bombs And Blunt Razors
Atom Bombs And Blunt Razors

Jonathon Then Says It's A Sin
But He Don't Think Twice Cause To Him
Religion Don't Mean A Thing
It's Just Another Way To Be Right Wing
Just Like A Knife Down On My Life
So Many Ways To Set It Right
That's How It Goes That's How The Story Goes

It's Such A Long Way Home
You're Too Old To Understand
Cause I Just Want To Get Home Now
I Just Want To Get Home Now

Jonathon's Right Down On My Life
So Many Ways To Set Me Right
On The Long Walk Home
That's How The Story Goes
And Jonathon Fisk Always A Risk
Tells Me He Counts My Teeth Every Night
I Want To Get Them All Back Now
I Want To Get Them All Back
And I Want To Turn Him Around

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random little Animal Collective post

For Reverend Green : live


Leaf house fan vid


Avey and Panda on acoustic only


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reciprocated pneuma

I lost what was left of
my psuedo spirit today
when I died in the

Running to the twilight of light
counting to an ambiguous
amount of time

The trees started to become
illuminated and
light started to drip through
the leaves onto my skin

It was 6 a.m.
I kept on running
I heard cartoon voices coming

From the ether
"... we're crazy to the max..."
" ... pop eye the sailor...''
" ... go slipping through the cracks..."

I got tired of running
so I rented a little room
and slept for a couple of hours

I left without paying
the quaint motel's

I could care
what she tought of me
why did she judge

I ran back home
looked in the mirror
and I regained my spirit

I left my money at the motel

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kissing Strawberry Field

Kissing kittens in
Strawberry Fields

Had owned a town house
in Tangerine Dusk

The previous owner of the

'Fox in a Hen House'
Had written his name all over the town

The kissed cats
hated his take on the name

It made them/him
feel claustrophopic

And wanting to eat all of those hens
from next store

They kissed strawberries
to make it a better place

They moved the
next month

To a town house
in strawberry fields

Which the town
is as secluded

As kids kissing
in the dark

Who have never
seen their bodies

In the moist mirror of
strawberry fields

Kissing Kittens loved
this lonely

Strawberry fields
is the perfect fit

Though the town house itself
was as bland as the moon on the new moon

But the cats kissed didn't

Turned out it had also been

By the
'Dog of the Hen House'

Who had left his viscid
paint prints

The kissing cats
died kissing strawberries

In their strawberry
town house


The dog and fox came out of
their cover

And buried the cats

Sunday, October 5, 2008


My killer deaths
get me everytime
when they coil around
my sub-conscious

And make me do
killer things
like traveling in
the algae filled
blood of my

In a tiny canoe
with little paddles
to row with
my stubby little arms

At parts the blood gets pretty
out there, like I almost fall out
but that's what's so killer
about it

My heart eats me
but it spits
out the sespool that is
my now tiny body

Makes me a loving
heart eaten person

I fall into my lungs
we get along well
he likes to talk a lot
I do too

He says his doctor said
he only has about two more year
life expectancy if he keeps smoking like he

I told him
thats what my doc said

He said he had to get back to work
I asked if he could blow me
somewhere else in my

He really did take a deep breath
I flew all the way up to my brain

Not as nice as a thing/guy
as I had hoped
he told me I was really stupid
and wouldn't stop hitting me with his

I noticed my canoe over in the corner
of my skull
I say farewell to my brain
He's still putting me down

I paddle over to the eustachian tube
which is a bit hard since it's all uphill
though I make it
see the cochlea

And those three little bones
that connect to it

Have to break through my ear drum
now I think I'm deaf in my left ear

My killer deaths

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Gliding through
the hanging gardens

Looking for that
fabled snake

That I heard about
from my dreams

Supposed to be ten
feet long

And have the
colors of the rainbow

on all of his scales

My dreams also said
he had wings

That snake is too

I want wings
and have my skin

Be the color of
the rainbow

You got to admire
that snake

He's got some
awesome traits

To bad I'm gonna
kill him

And take his wings and
his scales

But I'll hire a taxidermist
to stuff him

To honor his
life and his traits

That I took
from his body

Can't seem to find
him though

With all these
slithering creatures

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stuck In the Honey Jar

Everywhere I look
Winnie the Pooh

Is eating
honey from a jar

In trees
the newspaper

He is the
major contender
for the next

He's coming
to where I live

To make
a speech
about the
of honey

He was originally
gonna do it near
where I live
at the convention

But piglit
his superviser

Said he should
do it in front of
our honey

That's okay
though because
his honey platform

Didn't interest

I'm more for
christopher robin


I do low low
priced law
that thaws
out the bad
of my soul
for you
next customer

Planning to see you
when we sort things out
with your husband

you, I and law
will get it done

The crystal will
help as well
it sees problems
from afar

That's how I knew
you had trouble with
your soul mate

Don't fret,

I also do love

Haven't failed yet
though I have
not had a
customer yet

But it worked for me
went out my room
and met somebody

Never talked to
each other

But she knows we're meant
even if she didn't
see me that day

Which she probably
didn't since I was
watching her from the
fourth floor of where
I live

Which I do everyday

Next customer
who do you like

I need to know if you
want me to pair you
up with someone

Don't forget about that

Also you need to
tell me the reason for
your hopeful divorce

If you get this before
you leave work

Look up at the fourth floor
of the huge building
on pork street

I'll be watching

L a n g en s h e i d t' s

I once knew someone
we were close

Knew each other from

As time went by
she met someone

I walked her down the
hall to wed the guy

We lost contact
after that

I study definitions

That's all I do
all the time

I'm on zebra

When I'm done
I'm dedicating

It to her

Friday, August 29, 2008

Series of Sneaks day (one of the best)

A Series of Sneaks by Spoon

The second studio album from the Austin, Texas based indie rock band spoon. 'A Series of Sneaks' was originally released on May 5, 1998, then re-released on merge with extra tracks taken off of 'The Agony of Laffitte' ep in 2002. The album was very highly regarded, and ended up being on almost everyones top 10 list.

From wiki:

Brief History

The band was formed in late 1993 by lead singer/guitarist Britt daniel and drummer Jim eno. The original lineup also included Greg Wilson on guitar and Andy Mcguire on bass. The name 'spoon' was chosen to honor the 1970's German avant-garde band “Can” who had a hit song titled 'spoon.'

Coming off the recent success of “Soft Effects,” Spoon was signed to Elektra Records in 1998 On their first major label deal, the band released 'A Series of sneks in may 1998. What looked like the bands biggest break ultimately turned out to nearly break the band – the album did not sell as fast as Elektra had originally hoped. In response for the deal, Elektra's A&R man Ronn Laffitte, was also fired. Angry with laffitte (who had promised a promotional funding) and the rest of the executives at Ekektra(more precisely, CEO Sylvia Rhone), Spoon recorded a vindictively written two song concept single entitled “The Agony of Laffite”.

The band addresses Laffitte with lyrics like:

"It's like I knew two of you, man / The one before and after we shook hands"

Track listing w/ extra tracks

  1. "Utilitarian" – 1:51

  2. "The Minor Tough" – 2:43

  3. "The Guestlist/The Execution" – 2:03

  4. "Reservations" – 2:36

  5. "30 Gallon Tank" – 4:00

  6. "Car Radio" – 1:30

  7. "Metal Detektor" – 3:39

  8. "June's Foreign Spell" – 3:00

  9. "Chloroform" – 1:10

  10. "Metal School" – 2:54

  11. "Staring at the Board" – 0:54

  12. "No You're Not" – 1:43

  13. "Quincy Punk Episode" – 2:17

  14. "Advance Cassette" – 2:54

  15. "The Agony of Laffitte" – 3:27 (extra track)

  16. "Laffitte Don't Fail Me Now" – 3:45 (extra track)

Britt singing metal detektor

Length 20s

Metal detektor lyrics

Metal detektor ringing as i’m walking through the door
with every chance i take i can feel it start to break
to start to break some more
it's going down some more
i’m gonna break the bank of texas and walk out
it's a lie no more
all through with playing the wall
i’m gonna break the bank of dakota and walk right back out
it's going down some more
not gonna fake it no more
just gonna break the bank of texas and walk right out and
make the sound of getting kicked when you're down
i’m gonna break the heart of chicago and walk right back out
metal detektor ringing as i walk on through the door
metal detektor ringing as i’m walking through the door

''Junes Foreign Spell" Lyrics

Distracted by each career milestone
Though they're all in his hands
He set up his best ones for weeks
And the questions all get answered before they're asked him
Tells you sit right back
He's talking through his teeth
And i don't believe the things he'll say but
I’ll call him up and give him flack
And it's sad but true the sounds that don't come back
And i can see him tap producer fix his lines
And that makes me feel like a rat
I feel like a rat
So i’d like you to set it straight now on this one
All fixed up now for june’s foreign spell
All sad 'bout it now june’s bitter soil again
Oh no can't take this another year
Drop two steps back and take the place of who that came before now

"Metal School" Lyrics

I packed all my things in a nylon bag
I kept my eyes open wide
And got out the day the stock went black
What was so alluring's now faded
And just stylistic and jaded
But i’m just glad to get outta there for metal school
If i could take back what we both assumed
Would you spin it back to me on the lazy sue?
We could exist to be where we found it
And just wrap our fingers around it
That's why i’m gonna give it all up
Put all that back and enroll in metal school

Pitchforks Review

I hope you'll forgive me if I mention the Pixies more than ten times in this review, but it's only because their specter hangs over everything Spoon does-- though not as some sort of platonic ideal that mere mortals can only dream of achieving; more like Obi- Wan Kenobi, a benevolent teacher who has since passed on, but whose dutiful students are now out saving the galaxy. A Series of Sneaks, Spoon's major label debut, has the tossed- off vibe of the Breeders' Pod, throaty howls directly from the Black Francis School of Singing, and the perverse, magical language of Surfer Rosa all distilled into fourteen compressed- air blasts of chunky guitar pop that make up one of the catchiest albums of the year so far.

Frontman Britt Daniel expresses a distinct affinity for off- kilter rhythms and meters, as well as the "white space" between instruments that became hallmarks of the Pixies' sound, but on A Series of Sneaks he takes them to their logical extremes, cramming an endless stream of hooks into a ridiculously small amount of time (only two of the album's tracks exceeds three minutes). Each song is like an aquarium full of Superballs, with every sound bouncing around at a skewed angle-- instruments ping-ponging between speakers or popping up occasionally to punctuate a sentence. And then there are the vocals: where Black Francis bellowed weird science about incest and aliens, Daniel speaks of oblique teen angst in staccato barks, his voice thick and pouty as he sashays through jerky rave- ups like "Utilitarian" and "The Guestlist/ The Execution" as well as smooth Pavement- worthy aches like "Metal Detektor" and "Advance Cassette".

It's been said that the best albums aren't those which are perfect, but those which hint at the possibility of perfection. A Series of Sneaks is such an album; occasionally it feels more like a collection of rough sketches than actual songs. I salivate at the thought of the album that could have been produced had Spoon actually finished writing their songs, but Spoon's offhanded enigmatism is much more preferable, and paradoxically that much closer to perfection. Final verdict: 9.4

Stylus review

The work week oozes forward like so much molasses in a New England January. Staring blankly at your watch won't help; it's not Friday and it won't be for a bit longer, I'm afraid. So, moving on. . . the album we'll be dissecting on this lovely non-Friday is Spoon's A Series of Sneaks, which, for those who don't know, originally came out four years ago on Elektra. And being, as I've mentioned twice already, that today isn't Stylus's classic-review day, you're not allowed to automatically assume that we've branded Sneaks with the Stylus seal of superlativeness. Well I don't know about the rest of the staffers, but when I first heard this album I hit the ground hard, truly believing that the disembodied, itinerant spirit of the Pixies had finally found a suitable host in three guys from Austin, TX.

It's not that Sneaks sounds all that much like the Pixies per se, which it does at times, but that the unbridled drive to recast classic sounds with deconstructive calculation burns brazenly in both bands' music. Unexpected production touches like the echoey percussion hits following "Utilitarian"'s first chorus reveal that Spoon are more interested in fucking with formulas than following them. I'm not implying that these guys don't make use of sonic shibboleths such as staccato guitar chords on 4/4 downbeats, punkish 3-chord patterns, handclaps and some well-placed feedback, but as most of y'all already know, even the most hackneyed of tropes can be made sublime in the hands of someone who knows what he's doing.

And Britt Daniel does. Spoon's chief executive songwriter draws mostly from the timeless musical arsenals of Elvis Costello (esp. This Year's Model), Big Star, Bob Pollard as well as the significantly harsher Gang of Four, and actually manages to craft tunes of the same caliber as his influences. "The Minor Tough" sets a pensively throbbing bassline against Andy Gill-ish guitar shards and subtle organ undertones, plus it shows off two of Daniel's favorite devices: short passages of 7/4 time and gobs of stuttering tremolo guitar. Shit gets further fucked up on "The Guestlist/The Execution", largely due to those classy mid-chorus drum interludes, not to mention the fact that the song's catchy as hell.

Short, too-- Daniel obviously learned the value of brevity well from Pollard, because "30 Gallon Tank" is the only tune that cracks four minutes (and just barely at that). However, while people love to hate on Bob for his frustratingly incomplete "song fragments", Spoon knows how to start, develop and finish a coherent musical thought in an incredibly short period of time. Take "Car Radio"-- 90 seconds long and an album highlight, with three chords and a cocksure stuttered rawk chorus it was lodged in my brain for weeks after I first heard it. Unlike half of Alien Lanes, I never felt shortchanged after listening to it (half the time, I'd just play it again). The 54-second "Staring at the Board" proves that the soul of Spoon's wit was no fluke, because under its drunken demotape veneer lurks an undeniable pop charm that'd fill out the last minute of a mix CD just fine.

As instantly identifiable as Spoon's influences are, you'll never mistake their music for anyone else's, and that's due in no small part to Daniel's distinctive vocals. He pulls off the traditional hi-range indie croon in tunes like "Metal School", but can also deepen his voice when the music dictates, as it does on album closer "Advance Cassette". Most post-punks prefer to (or, if you like, can't help but) stay within the same mid-high octave and a half, so it's nice to hear some depth worked successfully into an indie context. Lyrically Daniel's a rolling stone, constantly going on about highways, cars, and other forms and auxiliaries of travel. Nothing groundbreaking, but personally I dig the line "Car radio/It's what I got/Voice of authority from here until Empire State".

And so it goes. A Series of Sneaks is in a word, stunning, the product of a guy that's done his musical homework exceedingly well, learned the craft inside-out and brought his own indelible mark to the pantheon of great post-punk songwriters. After Elektra axed Spoon, they headed for my neck of the woods to sign with Merge and released the far more restrained Girls Can Tell, which smoothed out Sneaks' lovable edges for a more accessible, less confrontational sound. While that record's certainly got its charms, as well as its die-hard backers, I don't know that Spoon will ever be able to surpass the raw reinvention of this, their finest record. All praise due to Merge for having the magnanimity to let new fans in on the quality.

Band Members:

Britt Daniel (Vocalist, guitarist)

Jim Eno (drummer)

Rob Pope (bass)

Eric Harvey (keyboard, guitar, percussion, backing vocals)

Supposed Influences (according to allmusic)

The Modern Lovers

Elvis Costello
The Sound
Gang of Four
The Velvet Underground ( I'm saying so)



"Telephono" (1996, Matador(re-release in 2006 on Merge))
"A Series of Sneaks" (1998, Elektra( re-release in 2002 on Merge))
"Girls Can Tell" (2001, Merge)
"Kill the Moonlight" (2002, Merge)
"Gimme fiction" (2005, Merge)
"Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" (2007, Merge)


"The nefarious EP" (1994, Fluffer)
"Soft Efects" (1997, Matador)
"30 Gallon Tank" (1998, Elektra)
"Love Ways" (2000, Merge)
"Don't You Evah" (2008, Merge)


"All the Negatives Have Been Destroyed" (7"/CD5, 1996)
"Not Turning Off" (7", 1996)
"Anticipation" (7", 1998)
"The Agony Of Laffitte"(CD5, 1998, Saddle Creek)
"Anything You Want" (7"/CD5, 2001)
"Everything Hits Once"(CD5, 2001)
"Car Radio" / "Advance Cassette" (CD5, 2001)
"Text Later" / "Shake It Off" (split 7", 2002)
"Someone Something" (7", 2002)
"Jonathon Fisk" (CD5, 2002)
"Stay Don't Go" (CD5, 2003)
"The Way We Get By" (CD5, 2003)
"I Turn My Camera On" (7"/CD5, 2005)
"My First Time, Vol. 3" (digital single, 2005)
"Sister Jack"(UK and US, 7"/CD5, 2005)
"The Underdog" (UK and US, digital single/7" promo, 2007)
"You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb" (Europe and Australia, digital single, 2007)
"Don't You Evah" (digital single (Diplo Mix), 2007; CD5, 2008

Spoons myspace
Allmusic's spoon page

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

frequent red room

this room
seems white

I get in
my car



if they
want a ride

"get in
my car

it's okay
don't worry"

Take the
person to
my house

tell the person
to go
to the room

to the right
of the front door

and say
they can stay

bringing them

they fall

get my

Friday, August 1, 2008

Narcissistic dabbling animal jesus

Meeting in the park
crossing the street very cool like
thinking I'm so awesome
everybody loves me

Don't know who I'm soon to uhhhhhh . . .
converse with
but don't care

because everyone loves me
at first sight

The wind currents are pretty strong today
the wind deity is at good work
think i'm gonna live on the edge
and visit the cascading fountain

Leave those dumb guys hangin'
I'm actually doing them a favor
responding to an anonyomous sender
of a suspicious note

wait what's happening
I can actually stand on water
I'm jesus

This is why I'm so loved and adored
I'm gonna start a new religion
featuring me as the guy bringing the end
I'll call it ''briging the endiananity''

Should make some flyers
that would help
a lot
what should it say

I know . . .

''Join my group, or face personal hell
that effects others

bringing crows and others,
jesus will be there

CONTACT: top of tower, middle of city
no number"

Oh shoot
dabbled in my greatness
for a bit too long

Gotta fly
where was it again

right the park

Okay just got to
get past this building and I'm there

Okay this is it
this used to be a just a boring park

untill I came
and revitalized

Thr letter said '
'meeting at the big red tree''

what a bunch of weird folk
but jesus loves all

Wait, I don't see anybody here
just a tortise and some snake
that looks like he's from the begining of the mesozoic period
the jurrasic I think it's called,
damn he's long with four heads

a monkey with a plush packiderm
that's weird
I should send an elephant after him
that would be funny

Maybe this is just a meeting for my religion
these followers must've seen me before
and just knew that I was and still am

Humans have the wrong idea
he's not a guy
he's me
but what do they know
they're just manikins to jesus

Back to the unusual suspects
I hope their not my followers
they're freaks

And I'm not merciful

about my followers
you got to know my back history
and look good
so I can be full of fanaticism

over how good you look

While I bask
in the trees
watching you

trying to keep the apocolypse
from happening

. . . . . . .

Oh god they're getting near
gotta fly
I'll go to a fountain

Yes finnaly a fountain
I'll wow the homosapiens
with my jesus capapilities

Wait what's happening
I can't stand on the water


This is not happening
this must be a jesus protected fountain

Yeah that must be it

Monday, July 28, 2008


Balloons, balloons, balloons and balloons
I want balloons
That's what I really need

Though I can't have any
Because one balloon said if I bought
one, all the balloons would come
into my room and fly me away

I don't want that
I like where I am living
but It feels like house needs balloons
to lively it up

So lets get balloons house
Make you seem like you're living.
Bye bye house
hope you're living

don't be chasing me
the balloons
will take care of me

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nonchalantly obsolete

I'm not needed.
I'm indifferent with that . . . .
why should I care anyways?

I think I'll scrutinize others
like how they do with me
now that I'm free from the gas station
now that I'm free-form

I think I'll be out of the hospital,
finaly I'm not needed.
Now I can do what I want . . . . . .
in my medical bed.

Where's the nurse with the pain killer?
I need that.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eerie Corridor connecting with past memories (part three of tpmbh)

The further hoppy hopped down the corridor with the figure still filming him, the more he reflected on his past corridor walking. He remembered hopping down his corridor for the first time in the first house he owned and being really euphoric. He couldn't quite remember why he was happy at the time until he came across a door he recalled. Hoppy opened the door very s . . . . . l . . . . . o . . . . .w . . . . . l . . . . . .y. When the door was a jar enough for himself to enter, he did. The room was very dark with very little of that desolate aesthetic, even though there was dust all over the place. In the dark he made out a desk like figure , so he hoppeyed on over.
When he reached the desk, he felt something fall into his back shirt pocket. He turned around to see the figure holding the camera with a flashlight attached on the top of it. Hoppy just shrugged and reached for whatever was in his back shirt pocket. It turned out to be a flashlight, so he turned it on and inspected the desk. He noticed lettering in the dust, but he couldn't make it out. Hoppy put on his reading glasses, and put his nose to dust. When he finished reading what the dust read he fainted. The flashlight the unknown figure gave hoppy

The figure with the camera walked over to the desk and zoomed in on the dust with the lettering. This is what it said:

Saturday, July 5, 2008

"The dark room" also tentatively titled "The psychotic Mr. Bunny hoppit Part 2"

The next day, Mr. hoppy woke up to a room with no lights or flashlights, just some light coming from outside through a window with some heavy-duty sheets in front of it. He remembered being hit on the back of the head sometime yesterday, so he put his hands on the back of his head. When his hands reached his eye's he saw dark red. He immediately thought it was blood, but his bunny sense of touch said it was more like gelatin or ketchup. It turned out it was actually all three of those things, but the majority of it was ketchup. Hoppy started to think he was cast for a black and white horror film.

Hoppy forgot about the head thing, (most likely because the person who hit him caused some serious short-term memory problems) and was starting to look around the room. He first went over to open the 'heavy duty' cloths covering the windows. He then after the room was well illuminated, went to check the coffee table that he had been propped up against when he first awoke. When he reached the coffee table, he found some Beatrix Potter books that seem to have never been open before, and a cup of old tea that was starting to grow mold on top. He then moseyed his merry on way over to the couch to find nothing, except for some rabbit hair. Finally he turns around completely to find a figure holding a camera they used in the old days. The figure quickly runs out the door ditching hoppy.

What Mr. hoppy looks like on an average hoppy day

Mr. hoppy wondered who that person was, while also wondering if he was right when he thought he was part of an old horror film. Mr. hoppy opened the door leading out the room to find a corridor with no light's on, and a very desolate aesthetic. The closer hoppy got to the end of the corridor, the more he saw of a complete picture of the same figure with the camera. When he was only 25 feet away, the figure turned on the lights to a flickering dim, and seemed to zoom in on hoppy with his camera. When hoppy got almost to 'make out their face' distance the figure booked it. Hoppy wasn't sure what quite to do, but he decided to keep following this weirdo, because he thought he might be able to get some pancakes from em'.

End of part 2

Part 3 coming sometime soon.

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The psychotic Mr. Bunny hoppit Part 1

First I'll start out telling you about Mr. bunny hoppit's hobbies, idiosyncrasies, some characteristics, and even some personal favorites of his.


Watching horror movies.

Watching people from his window.

Collecting pocket bunny monster cards.

Eating food, mostly meat from a rabbit.

To not listen to music.

Looking at the cover of books.


I've already mentioned a few, like looking at covers of books but to not actually read the book, to eat mostly meat from his own species, and to just sit down for hours watching other rabbits pass his house from his window.

Mr. Bunny hoppit at a young age of 14

There's more though, like when someone rings the rabbit caller (doorbell) he opens it but then closes it even before his eyes see the open world or the rabbit , or like whenever someone breaks into his house he invites them to come into his kitchen for a cup of tea and wants to have a personal conversation with the thief, he also really tries to make his house have a very desolate aesthetic outside and inside.

Characteristics (how he looks):

Since I've never really got a good look at em', I don't know really know what's where on his body, so you'll just have to go by the pictures the writer's put in.

Oh I almost forgot! He never looks the same more than twice.

Personal favorites:

Movies: Every texas chainsaw massacre, The titanic, poltergeist 1+2 , The velvateen rabbit.

Mr. bunny hoppit's favorite movie

Books: Any book with a bunny on the cover.

Art: Beatrix potter.

Conclusion of the introduction:

Mr. bunny Hoppit as a fetus

Well I hop *glass breaking* what the hell was that? Mr. hoppy grabs a golden carrot and gradually goes down the steps. When he reaches the end, he yells "who's there?" Then he feels something very hard strike the back of the head knocking him unconscious. This was the last anybody saw of Mr. hoppy until the end of this story.

Part 2 coming soon!

artistic minus the tistic

For the past week or so, I've been wanting to start a drawing or finish a painting I've been working too long on, but I just can't get myself to do so for some reason, and it's driving me crazy. I even have ideas for drawings and ideas for my painting, but I don't do it, instead I just go and watch a movie, play a game, go to sleep, or get on the computer.

Maybe I have a zeal for doing the exact opposite of what I want to do, maybe my brain just needs to take a break from my personal art world, maybe I'm just crazy, maybe my subconscious likes to torture me, maybe even I like to torture myself, maybe I'm going on my first rant in a while.

I think the only thing that could be true in my "maybe" rant, is the maybe that says "maybe my brain just needs to take a break from my personal art world," and that's probably true because it's happened before.

So why am I going so crazy over this? I think because I just wanted something semi-interesting to write about.

Well hopefully I've made this piece of shit interesting.

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Very, very, tiny yoshitomo nara day

Yoshitomo Nara was one of the reasons for me to start drawing again after my three year hiatus of not drawing anything, except for once in a while when I was bored in class but I'm not going to count those because they were really only for me to do like a joke or something (though there is a really classic drawing I did, and I'll probably upload it to my blog sometime soon) .

So this very miniature tribute to Nara is just to thank him for inspiring me with his amazing artwork to start drawing again .

To show my thanks to him, I'm posting five random pics of nara greatness.

Girl pouch

Princess of snooze

(Guessing) DAMM IT ALL

Guitar girl

Andromeda galaxy heights

(Note: This picture is a collaboration with Hiroshi sugito)

Also I want to thank:



and others.

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