Friday, February 27, 2009

Winter Emotional

Over the winter I saw

a magazine cover that reminded

me of when I was a ghost

and lived in a deserted mansion over in Antarctica

I was the only one there

besides a penguin interested in buying the house

I told him I wasn't the owner and he would leave

but he would always be back the next day asking the same


Him and I became close friends

Even if the conversations we had

were always the same

I've lost contact with him recently

but the last time I heard from him

he sounded like he was doing good

I have no idea why I was drafted to Antarctica

It seems like there is nothing to scare over there

Maybe it was because I was such a bad ghost

I didn't do well in any of the classes,

I wanted to drop out but I decided not to

Though I wish I had

It really wasn't worth it

at all.