Sunday, April 11, 2010


Its Tuesday.

Second Period just got out and its started to rain. While avoiding the rain, I see Leah walking alone, looking very pretty.

You look like a whale Today Leah!” I yelled smilingly.

Leah looks back to try and find out who just said that. She catches my glare, stares for a second and scoffs. She seems mad.

My third period starts, and all my classmates are goofing off. The teacher gets pretty pissed, and does a little lecture. I drift off to wondering why leah seems so mad. I gave her a compliment. Why wasn't she happy? Am I not attractive or something? Stupid?

Third period gets out, and the rain has cleared up for the most part. The sun shines gleefully through the sombre clouds.

Lunch time is here and I go looking for Leah. Shes sitting down with her friends eating some sort of sandwich. Tuna I think. Yuck.

Hey Leah”

Hey Bradford, get away from me. Now please”

Can I please just talk to you for a sec? Please?”


Come on”

Fine, but be quick”

Thank you, okay... why did you scoff at me? Do you think I'm unattractive or something? Stupid, boring?”


Then why?”

Cause you said I looked like a whale”

I know! Thats why I'm so curious!”


Whales are so beautiful”

I guess, but when you call someone that it doesn't mean they're beautiful”


It means they're big and fat”

oh, I'm sorry”

I walk away, crying almost, I didn't mean to call her big or fat. She's the total opposite. Leah doesn't even seem to care...

Its after school, the rain has cleared up completely as well as the dark clouds. As I'm waiting for the bus to come, I hear footsteps coming from behind me. Its leah. She just looks at me like “whats wrong with you.” and gives me a hug.

Thanks for saying I was a whale”

...You're Welcome”

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