Friday, August 7, 2009

I Fell Through My Wall This Morning

Iridescent descent
All I'm allowed to see are colors
I don't even know where I am
I've been falling for hours
Maybe longer I don't know
My phone stopped working
So I threw it against the wall
Which turned out to be water
so now its even further down
I would go but I would drown

Maybe drowning is the best way
Maybe just wait till I hit the ground
but what if this is just wonderland
I won't be hurt

Now I can see some sort of tropics
Turtles seem to be fighting with their wives
and husbands about religion
I don't want to even get involved
I wouldn't know what to say
My knowledge is only of spirits
Even then it's iffy
Maybe this is some sort of religious thing
To get me to become devout
The turtles are getting worse now
His friends are poking fun
But he doesn't want to upset her
I fell through my wall this morning

1 comment:

you-x said...

I know I told you this in person but... THIS POEM IS AMAZING.