Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Grams An

I hate how I can feel up

and then down

Just because of a


Really candid;

Glare can really

get to me. Realizing

how much I've

Lost. Whats

a prelude?

I can hate how

certain music

doesn't help.

Or does.


on it.

I'm always lying lull

however. Seeing

The sky bleeding into the foreground

But whats the problem?

Makes a great photograph

They will always be

beautiful, eternal.

An image of a woolly dove

basked in a glow,

hanging flaccid from a beam, has permeated

my story. How am I to end?

And whats a preface?

I've yet to find.

Came across Serendipitous

but my life,

I've yet been lucky.

It stands, and

May breathes,

drowned in gold;

Must frustrate.


Cascading Quixotry,

Do you like scrabbled anagrams?

1 comment:

you-x said...

As I love your poetry I was very excited to see a new poem from you. It's great work, more emotional turns here - a new area for your work.