Tuesday, April 14, 2009

International Broadcasting Bureau - After School EP


1. only shadow - 2:06
2. after school - 1:33
3. like me - 3:00
4. white leaves - 1:54
5. dust collector - 3:04
6. red snow - 1:40

jarod - guitar on 'like me'
jordan - guitar on 'red snow'
joe - producer, loops
matt - vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards, organ



you-x said...

This is so awesome! I'm totally blissing out that it's done and out here. I love this ep. And I got to be a part of it. We worked so hard on this. But, it was really your baby. Way to go Matt. You're awesome. And, people are going to dig this a lot.

KYTE said...

Haha awesome.

Glad you managed to finally kick it all out.

You really didn't have to credit it me, but thanks!